Wild Eyes

USA. I like bands and butts.

I have to do 6 poem today ughughugh 3 for english and 3 for drama kms

Lily Allen by Simon Emmett

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I’d definitely kiss your entire face and make you pancakes and buy you records

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i just accidentally hit myself in the left nut

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck


i would literally be the worst teacher ever

me:all of you sit the fuck down you twats
me:shut the fuck up
me:what do you mean you didn't do your homework it takes five minutes
me:*gives test with all answers being A*
me:you are a little self-centered asshole
me:you belong in kindergarten you little shit
me:all of you leave now i can't handle this
me:*smacks child upside the head with textbook*

someone listen to hundredth and cuddle pls


*smashes favorite album into powder and snorts it*

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